Nonfiction about "Pro-Russian Militants" in Ukraine

Attention, world, especially Vladimir Putin.

Noone believes that the so-called "pro-Russian militants" in Sevastapol or Slovyanksk weren't Russian soldiers.

Nor does anyone believe that the election results in Crimea were representative.

The double-speak is making me think again of "pravda". Bad times.

How I Use Farsight NOD RPZ (Newly Observed Domains) in my DNS FIrewall

Over at my day job we've created a Newly Observed Domains service which tracks domain first sightings and packages them up in various ways that can be used to determine network reputation. As in most advanced DNS-related technologies, my home and guests and family are guinea pigs early adopters scratch monkeys for the new tech. Here, I'll share some recipes.

Source Address Validation Everywhere

source address validation is one of the windmills i've tilted at the most. the problem is so bad that most people who hear about it simply can't believe that the internet could work at all if what i'm saying is true. bad news folks: what i'm saying is true. in addition to many speaking engagements where i have let large audiences in on what ought not be a secret, i've done some writing on the topic, and some technology development. references are below. i also spoke to a reporter on this topic recently, and summarized the story of source address validation as follows:

"DNS Experiment Concludes", another classic from the year 2001

I long believed that I'd destroyed all copies of this, but a friend had it in hard copy and scanned it in. I think 13 years is long enough. Think of this as the unpublished conclusion from my Ph.D thesis.

Note, Paul Mockapetris wrote none of this, I had his name on it as part of the joke. Paul M convinced me not to submit this as an April 1 RFC that year, in fact.

before there were angry birds, there were angry teenagers

An instant classic in 2001, and still true and relevant today, whatever year this might be.

Introductions are in order

So this is a thing now I guess. Hello there, if you're reading this. Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I get to talk about whatever I want! You don't have to read it if you don't want to but really, you've made it this far why not just hear me out this one time.

Here's some things you ought to know about me;

I'm a girl, I'm 15 and about to start my sophomore year of high school.

I live in the California Bay Area with both my parents and my 11 year old little sister.

I have 3 siblings in total, 1 that I live with, 1 who's at college, and 1 who moved out.

Standard for E-mail "spam"

Decades ago I worked with the team at MAPS (the world's first anti-spam company; "MAPS" is "SPAM" spelled backward, and we had it mean "Mail Abuse Prevention System") to work up a standard by which a given single e-mail message could be determined to be "spam" or not. This is because a lot of the people who wanted to send bulkish e-mail that nobody wanted to receive were just as cute as they could be about skirting definitions that involved streams of e-mail.

I published it at and I referred to this online location in Chapter 10 of the Second Edition of Sendmail: Theory and Practice. Later we sold the MAPS company to Trend Micro to get money to pay lawyers. At some point Trend Micro redid their web site so that the Standard for spam is no longer at its historic location.

Ergo, hereis.

Who Will Bury Whom?

Who Will Bury Whom?
(An Open Letter to Nikita Kruschev)

I Have Two Questions For People Who Are Uncomfortable About Homosexuality

I have two questions for people who are uncomfortable about homosexuality.

I'm in Berlin for the first time and after walking past the Brandenburg Gate and into the park, I saw a plaque. It was in German and English -- the picture here is of the English language side. It made me wonder.

Breeding Internet Superbugs

In the waning days of calendar year 2004, I watched some friends as they happily killed off some "botnets", and then pondered the usefulness of this (if any). A "botnet" is a collection of stolen computers, whose owners are still using them. Botnets are useful for sending spam and receiving stolen credit card numbers and all kinds of other things a bad guy wouldn't want to get caught using his or her own computers for. So, why isn't killing "botnets" an unrestricted good idea? Here's what I said about it on 30-December-2004: I want to expand on this point somewhat.

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