today i received spam from a private equity firm. details below for the search engines.

From: Steve Isom []
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 5:40 AM
To: several-addresses@my-dayjob
Subject: North Bridge Introduction


I hope this message finds you well. And I apologize for the unsolicited email. I am with North Bridge, a venture capital/private equity firm based in the Boston area. We came across your company through our research in identifying promising and interesting companies and regardless of your immediate capital needs, it’d be great to arrange an introductory conversation.


Please let me know if there is a good time for us to connect in the upcoming weeks to introduce you to North Bridge and see if we can be helpful as you continue building your business. Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to being in touch.



i am placing this here in case anyone googles this man or this firm as a reference check. i won't do business with spammers; apologizing to me for the unsolicited e-mail doesn't make the practice OK -- and this wasn't a mistake. this firm bought my name and e-mail address from other spammers, and spammed me. that's not ok. do business with these spammers at your own risk.

note, if they contact me and apologize, i will update this blog entry to reflect that.



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