I Have Two Questions For People Who Are Uncomfortable About Homosexuality

I have two questions for people who are uncomfortable about homosexuality.

I'm in Berlin for the first time and after walking past the Brandenburg Gate and into the park, I saw a plaque. It was in German and English -- the picture here is of the English language side. It made me wonder.

My two questions for people who are uncomfortable about homosexuality are:

1. Have you seen this plaque and/or did you know the history it recounts?

2. Is it OK with you that your discomfort about homosexuality reminds me of the Nazis?

I want to note, as simply as I can: love is love, it's part of the human condition, which you cannot slice and dice. Unfortunately for me, your intolerance is also part of the human condition. That makes me a little uncomfortable sometimes about being human, but I'll live with it and keep on doing the best I can.


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